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Hello... I am Kara.  I'm a certified yoga instructor but I think of myself more as a mobility specialist with an emphasis on muscle recovery. I've worked primarily with athletes, but my training is beneficial to all!


Stretching seems simple and can look like an art, but there are very scientific methods for getting the most benefits out of it. I've worked with athletes in person for years, but now I'm offering an online program to make it easier to train with me.  


I will explain more of the science, techniques and results in my introduction video. Please join me.


Don't worry if you have not trained with me before, you can click on the beginner classes and start learning the basics there. In my training, I have included a section geared specifically towards common injuries. When dealing with an injury or reoccurring issue, we need to assess where the root of the issue is coming from.  Based on experience, I can help identify and provide stretches to alleviate most issues. Coaches love my training because of the improved performance in their athletes, but individuals are amazed by the personal results and how much better they feel.


My ultimate goal is to help people to feel their best and to live their best life possible.  In most cases, pain is an unnecessary distraction.  I will educate and empower you to be able to take control over it.  Check out my introduction video and join me.